My kidney problem pushed me to start a business

Meet Beatrice

Beatrice has three children and a very supportive husband. She stays in Huruma slums in a single room house. Beatrice worked in a photocopy shop until she started ailing and one of her kidneys was removed. The husband depends on
being called for small jobs here and there so as to get money to feed the family. Since she was sick and was on bed rest, she could not keep the photocopying job anymore. Her husband also has not been able to secure a permanent job yet. As she thought of how to make ends meet, she heard about ROSE and reached out.

Restoration of sisters in extreme

ROSE started when one of its partners had a discussion with a house manager who stayed in Mathare slums. She shared the daily experiences in Mathare slums. ROSE partners empathized with the situation which painted a gloomy picture of mothers overburdened by responsibilities. Most of the mothers played both productive and reproductive roles, the majority of them live below a dollar a day.

Beatrice was in a tight situation, her firstborn finished high school and is out looking for a job, the other two kids are in primary school. As parents, they still have bills to pay and take care of the children. She wanted to start a business and manage her funds and also be able to save funds.

Her fate was like many other women who face difficulties in providing for their families and educating their children. With rich experience in community development, ROSE decided to empower at least 5 women for starters, who would, in turn, empower others.

A ray of hope

Getting loans for most people at the base of the pyramid is hard.ROSE offers these women different options to better their lives, these include a chance to start their own businesses and make enough money to sustain their families. The women request and get products that help them start small businesses. ROSE also helps with training and monitoring of the business to see it succeeds so that the mothers would be able to pay schools fees and take care of the family.

After a need needs assessment exercise done with close to 15 women in the first round, Beatrice ended up choosing to have a blender and a food trolley to sell fruit juice and boiled eggs respectively with the products she chose.

Right now, she has a place she puts her two products and waits for customers to buy from her. She is working hard to save enough money and start other businesses so that she can have various channels for getting money. ROSE also provides financial advice for her to excel in her business, take care of her bills and save money. She thanks ROSE for coming through and helping her start a small business. She hopes to open up a hotel in future to be able to make all kinds of food and drinks.