Dorina is 25 years old with 5 children and the breadwinner

Dorina is a 25 years old lady staying in Mathare slums and runs a small salon. She has five children who all go to school still in the Mathare slums. She tries her best to work extra hard  so as to take care of her children.


Dorina was raised in Western Kenya and the mother gave birth to her when she was quite young. Life was not as hard back then in the village. The mother worked hard to provide for the family since her father was not staying with them. When she was in upper primary school, the mum left for Nairobi to look for greener pastures and left  the grandmother to take care of her. The mum never communicated again and later on, they heard that the father got an accident and passed away.


The grandmother was not stable enough to take her to school, so she had to drop out. Soon after she met a man and she got her first baby when she was 13 years old. They moved to Mathare slums in Nairobi.  The husband later on went to Uganda for work and does not help them anymore. She now had to learn how to do something to earn money and she came across a lady who taught her how to plait hair and now that is what she does to provide for her 5 children.


When ROSE met her, she wanted a way to ensure her children go to school everyday. She does not get sufficient money to cater for school fees for all the children and take care of them as well. All she wants is to make sure the children don’t miss school as she did. ROSE paid fees for her born daughter in class 7 as she had requested, because she was being chased out of class for not paying school fees, since she has a business and can afford little amounts everyday, she gets to repay $0.5 to ROSE every day for three months to be able to cover the school fees. Her worry was she is not able to make so much money at once to pay the bills and arrears. So now she can comfortable carry on with her business as her girl studies in school. She is grateful to ROSE CBO for understanding her situation.