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Some of the women in the slums have established small businesses that are running and are well known in the area. The kind of businesses in this category are things like fish, peanuts, bananas etc. The women who have been selling such products, have been doing it for years. The small income they get has to be used to eat, pay rent and school fees for a child or two. It’s like having an existing business but not that much of  good sustainability due to lack of enough funds


  • They need lump sum money to buy enough stock to sell for the week, which is money they don’t have and cannot have access to.
  • Most of the products being sold are perishables, yet they have no place or way to preserve them. Getting a refrigerator is quite costly, so they risk losing clients if they sell food stuff that has gone bad already or they end up losing the little money they thought would make a bit of profit.  
  • Due to lack of a way to preserve, they are sometimes forced to get fresh deliveries every other day, which is very costly because you pay for delivery, transaction charges via the phone and this means digging deeper into their pockets

Our Work

ROSE also focuses on women who have  already established businesses. What the women lack is access to loans from banks and lending companies and the money they have, they prioritize food, rent and fees. For them to get a huge stock, ROSE directly pays their suppliers and they get their stock and continue with the business. They can decide if they want to do deliveries everyday or on a weekly basis but all is sorted out for them, so that they can only deal with looking for clients to buy their products.