School Fees For Slum Children

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Most children stay at home to look for odd jobs or help out in the house by taking care of younger siblings. The reason is there is no money to pay for school fees. The women don’t earn much, but the little they get, they try to negotiate with the respective schools to be allowed to   pay monthly but still, the children are thrown out of classrooms and sent back home.


  • Lack of enough cash to take children to school.


  • Many children who have to all get educated and there is not enough money to sustain all.


  • Lack of enough funds to take children to good schools to get quality education.

Our Work

ROSE gives the women a chance to decide whether they would want their children to be paid for school fees whereby the school is visited and the fees paid directly to the school, then they get to repay to ROSE as little as  half a dollar a day at least for 3-4 months. Some of the families need constant support though.