Our History

ROSE “slum mum” project started when one of ROSE’s partners had a discussion with a house manager who stayed in Mathare slums in Nairobi.  She shared their daily experiences in Mathare slums. ROSE partners empathized with the situation which painted a gloomy picture of mothers overburdened by responsibilities. Most of the mothers played both productive and reproductive roles, the majority of them live below a dollar a day.

Challenges in the slums include difficulties finding food to eat, paying rent and ensuring kids are going to school, gender-based violence (GBV), etc. ROSE, through its partner who had a rich experience with women in the community from previous assignments, decided to start empowering slum women going through the mentioned challenges.  

The first step was to mobilize the women and run a baseline survey to find out the serious challenges and focus on implementing projects through pilot programs to see the impact. The partner decided to stick with education, reproductive health rights, and entrepreneurship projects as she started to bring ROSE CBO to life by looking for volunteers to help out.

"We are a community based organization dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable women in slums"

Our Mission

Rose CBO aims to change the lives of girls and women who are living in extreme situations, often life-threatening like gender-based violence, lack of access to quality reproductive health care, proper medical care, education for both the women and their children and living in extreme poverty among other challenges. We are creating an impact through advocacy, capacity building, and research. Our goal & commitment is to ensure the slum mum is comfortable financially, emotionally and physically and is able to live and support the family

Our Vision

Rose CBO’s main goal is to not only ensure most women in the slums are empowered in sexual reproductive health rights, education, and entrepreneurship but they can get sustainable resources and access to quality reproductive health care, counseling, and financial services to improve their good health and well being plus that of their families.

Our Values

We believe in urgent action, innovation, and the necessity of transformation—within the world and our own organization.

What we do

We counsel women who are going through gender-based violence and connecting them to the right institutions where they can get extra medical attention. The slum mum’s are also given an opportunity to choose what they want to do to earn income and what product they need to be bought for. Most of them go for sewing machines, blenders, fish business, grills and cook stoves for cooking street food. Financial Education is another package that comes with taking the product. They are taught how to save money, how to become entrepreneurs, how to network to get contacts etc. As much as ROSE gives them the products they want, it’s important for them to get entrepreneurial advice that will guide them


They also have a challenge in paying school fees.ROSE uses fee structures from respective schools  to pay the fees. The mothers are given time to repay within the stipulated period out of their businesses.

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